What's New in Exceptional Children Services?

Department of Exceptional Children's Services

 We are located on the 1st floor at the Franklin County Board of Education

215 South College Street

Winchester, TN  37398  

PHONE: 931-967-0626

The Department of Exceptional Children's Services would like to welcome the following new teachers to our system for the 2021-2022 school year:

Mary Ann Teal, Broadview Elementary

Brittney Graves, Clark Memorial Elementary

Brittney Sells, Clark Memorial Elementary

Justin Cunningham, Franklin County High School

Ella Cox, Huntland High School

Randy Money, Special Education Teacher at South Middle School


Curriculum for Exceptional Children's Services

K-5 Tier IV Intervention

 Math i-Ready Math
 Reading Spire
 Reading SRA Corrective Reading
 Reading SRA Reading Mastery
 Behavior Skillstreaming Elementary
 Comprehensive ELAMeVille to WeVille 
 Comprehensive MathEquals 
 Comprehensive ScienceEarly Science 


6-8 Tier IV Interventions

 Mathi-Ready Math
 BehaviorSkillstreaming Secondary 
 Comprehensive ELAMeVille to WeVille
 Comprehensive MathEquals 
 Comprehensive ScienceExplore Life Science
 Comprehensive Social StudiesExplore Social Studies 
 Comprehensive TransitionBuilding Life Skills Portfolios 
 Explore Your Community
 Hands-On Money/Money Station
 Telling Time


9-12 Tier IV Comprehensive Interventions


What's Cool About Music 

 EconomicsEconomics (Pro-Ed) 
EconomicsExplore Budgeting
 ELAMeVille to WeVille
ELATeaching to Standards:  ELA Curriculum
 GovernmentAGS: US Government 
 HistoryExplore World History 
 HistoryExplore American History

Access Algebra 

MathExplore Algebra
MathAccess Geometry



Explore Biology 

Explore Chemistry

 ScienceSimply Physical Science 
ScienceExplore Earth Science
 TransitionCleaning Maintenance Adapted Curriculum 
  Completing a Job Application
  Grocery Clerking Adapted Curriculum
  Interviewing for a Job
  Let's Cook! Healthy Meals for Independent Living
 Look/n Cook Microwave
 Managing Your Money
 Table Service Adapted Curriculum